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Social content for Twitter and Facebook aligned with copy written for the Hunter Stoves blog and point of sale displays for each product line.


All work created as part of a marketing internship

 at the Hunter Stoves Group.

Social content curated from the Hunter Stoves Group

brand assets to demonstrate the company's commitment to environmental research, product development and engagement with the hearth industry.

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Introducing the Nordstrand 5: from Cleanburn

Forged from cast-iron, this beautiful woodburning stove is inspired by traditional Norwegian design. Available in a choice of monochrome finishes, the contemporary minimalist aesthetic makes the Nordstrand 5 the perfect focal point for a modern home. The wide glass viewing windows, kept crystal-clear with our Hot Airwash System, offer a stunning view of your flickering fire.

The Scandinavian influence is also evident in our engineers’ goal to develop clean heating solutions with low particle emissions. Thanks to our pioneering Tripleburn technology, which uses three airstreams to enable maximum combustion, the Nordstrand 5 is capable of delivering an impressive heat output of 4-8 kW. Better still, you’ll get more power from less fuel, as the Nordstrand 5 boasts the highest efficiency of all our Cleanburn stoves, at an exceptional 83%. At the Hunter Stoves Group, we’re committed to ensuring a sustainable future, and our engineers have rigorously tested the Nordstrand 5 to meet DEFRA approval for use in Smoke Control Areas. Able to burn wood and solid fuel with CO emissions of only 0.37%, with the Nordstrand 5 you no longer need to compromise on power to protect the environment.

Point of Sale Cleanburn

We’ve fine-tuned the Nordstrand 5 to make it one of the most versatile stoves on the market, by incorporating our engineers’ latest innovation: Dynamic Control. Using this state-of-the-art system, the heat output can be adjusted to the perfect temperature using highly responsive one-touch access. Suitable for a 12 mm hearth, and with no airbrick needed, the Nordstrand 5 is simple and easy to install.

We’re confident that the Nordstrand 5 delivers the perfect balance of power and economy. That’s why we’re proud to guarantee every Nordstrand 5 sold by authorised dealers with our 10 year warranty: your satisfaction assured.

Di Lusso: where style meets technology


There are five stoves in the Di Lusso range, each one designed to burn efficiently at both high and low temperatures using our engineers’ latest invention: the state-of-the-art Dynamic Control system. With one touch access via the magnetic door handle, the heat output responds to your command, allowing total temperature regulation. It’s this innovative thinking that makes the Di Lusso range unique in its ability to adapt to suit you. Capable of burning wood and solid fuel, available as inset fires or freestanding stoves and with an impressive heat output range of 2-13 kW, these contemporary stoves are the epitome of versatility.

We understand that the best stoves provide not only warmth, but become the heart of your home. That’s why we’ve taken inspiration from the best of modern minimalism to design the Di Lusso range. Each compact model is built around a wide glass viewing window equipped with our Hot Airwash System. This continuous airstream directed between the fuel and the door ensures you’ll always have the best view of your blazing fire.

The sophisticated aesthetic of each Di Lusso stove accentuates the advanced technology inside: each model is equipped with either our original Cleanburn or groundbreaking Flameblade technology, which utilise additional airstreams to provide optimum air flow to the firebox, enabling faster fuel combustion. The result: all five models in the Di Lusso range are DEFRA approved for use in Smoke Control Areas. Efficient fuel burning means minimal particle emissions and we’re proud to have built our Di Lusso stoves to release CO levels that meet the stringent standards of the Clean Air Act.

At the Hunter Stoves Group, we’re committed to creating sustainable heating solutions for the 21st century, so you can keep warm this winter without compromising on ecological impact. Thanks to the pioneering technology developed by our engineers, our Di Lusso stoves average an exceptional 79% efficiency, making them excellent all-rounders: powerful, economical and environmentally friendly. With a Di Lusso stove, you can curl up by the fire assured that you’ll save on fuel costs and contribute to a sustainable future.

In today’s competitive market for heating solutions that combine efficiency, power and sustainability, we’re confident that the Di Lusso range exceeds the standard. We’re sure that you’ll be equally impressed by these stoves. That's why we guarantee every Di Lusso sold by an authorised dealer with our extended 10 year warranty.

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Point of Sale Di Lusso

Introducing the Aspect: our new contemporary range from Parkray


Groundbreaking technology meets optimum efficiency in the Aspect range. Our latest innovation combines Tripleburn technology with smaller, sleeker models to give you a stove that’s the perfect fit and still packs power.

The fireplace is the traditional heart of a home, and with our new Slimline and Compact Aspect models, you no longer need to compromise on space to find your dream stove. Every stove in the Aspect range can be customised with the option of a stylish log stand or bench, creating new ways to store your wood. This space conscious design is enhanced by the wide viewing windows that define the Aspect range. Fitted with our Hot Airwash technology, every Aspect stove provides a breathtaking view of your flickering fire.

The Parkray brand demonstrates our commitment to create green heating solutions suitable for the 21st century. The new Aspect range builds on this goal, with the Aspect 5 producing the lowest CO emissions of the entire Parkray collection. Yet this stove also generates the greatest heat output, with an impressive

range of 4 – 7 kW. 

Point of Sale Parkray

Here performance meets economy, as the smallest of our Aspect range, the Compact 4, has a clearance distance to combustible materials of only 100 mm to the rear and 500 mm to the side, while still serving a generous heat output of up to 5 kW. We’ve achieved these exceptional results by equipping all Aspect stoves with our Tripleburn technology. Three streams of air boost combustion to enable maximum efficiency, increased heat output, and minimal carbon emissions. Our Aspect stoves are ideal for the environmentally conscious homeowner, allowing you to keep cosy while contributing to a sustainable future.

Innovative engineering ensures that all Aspect stoves meet the stringent standards of the Clean Air Act and are DEFRA approved for use in Smoke Control Areas. The Aspect range is equipped to burn wood and multifuel and every stove is easily installed, with no airbrick required. At the Hunter Stoves Group we’re proud to have created Aspect stoves: sophisticated and space conscious, so you no longer need to compromise on style, power or ecological impact to have a flickering fire in your hearth. We’re so confident in our stoves’ ability to exceed your expectations that the complete Aspect range comes with a 10 year warranty from authorised dealers: your satisfaction guaranteed.

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