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Social media, copy and design for 

Project.esc and Mixer.

Created as part of the MA Magazine Journalism programme at

Cardiff University.


Discover digital wellness 

Project.esc is a magazine designed for anyone who has ever felt daunted by digital. Across print, online, social media and an original podcast series, Project.esc aims to connect a community of readers seeking a way to manage their online lives while staying switched on.

As part of the team, I wrote print and online content, crafted pages using InDesign, and produced original video and photography for social media. Scroll down to see some highlights. 

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video content

How do you switch off?
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How do you switch off?

The Project.esc team share how they unplug from the digital world for some downtime

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The Photoshoot

Project.esc Photoshoot
Project.esc Photoshoot
Project.esc Photoshoot
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Project.esc Instagram

Behind the scenes of Project.esc

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digitaL Content

Meet the kidfluencers

 Project.esc • 27 March 2019

Kylie Jenner has recently become the world’s youngest self-made billionaire, according to Forbes. The claim has been widely debated, with most criticism centred around the fame and privilege Jenner enjoys as a scion of the Kardashian’s reality TV empire. But what’s more significant is how Jenner amassed her fortune ...

in print

Project.esc Breakdance Article

Issue 1: Copy and design

Project.esc Apps Store Article

Issue 1: Design

Project.esc Vlogging Article

Issue 2: Copy


Step into the bar 

Mixer is an 8 page zine that delves into Cardiff's independent cocktail scene. Featuring original recipe ideas, interviews with local bartenders and an in-depth look at the rise of Welsh rum, Mixer offers readers a fresh take on cocktail culture in the city.

As part of the team, I wrote copy, created original illustrations and produced pages using InDesign. Flick through the zine on issuu to find out more. 

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