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Seoulbeats creates editorial content covering the latest news and opinion on South Korean music, film, pop culture and fashion.


Interview with A.C.E: On Tinted With You, Finding Inspiration, and Chasing New Adventures

 Seoulbeats • 14 February 2022

“I try to approach our fans sincerely in every moment,” says A.C.E’s maknae Chan. “I hope they feel that.” It is this simple sense of candour that has slowly but steadily propelled the five-member group towards the global stage. Backed by pure talent, of course ...

Felix of Stray Kids. Credit_GQ Korea.

For Your Viewing Pleasure: Step Out in Style

 Seoulbeats 10 August 2021

From bold silhouettes to brilliant pops of colour, style is the perfect conduit for self-expression. Glamour can be conveyed in classic ways – like the pearls Black Pink’s Jennie wears in her cover shoot for Elle, or the pinstripe suit Onew dons for Shinee’s appearance in the pages of Marie Claire ...

Still from BTS 'Fake Love'

Where Art Meets Life: BTS Establish Their Identity with “Fake Love”

    Seoulbeats • 21 May 2018

BTS may have debuted as underdogs, but in the run-up to the release of their third LP Love Yourself: Tear, it became clear that the record’s commercial success would not only be certain, but cement the band’s status as trailblazers for the mainstream globalisation of K-pop ...

Suhyun of AKMU. Credit_YG Entertainment

Where For Your Viewing Pleasure: A Touch of Whimsy

    Seoulbeats • 29 December 2020

If fashion is a form of wearable art, then each individual look becomes a mode of creative expression. This week’s set of photos showcases that creativity with a touch of seasonal whimsy. Whether its actress Song Hye-kyo wearing a sparkling tiara by Parisian jeweler Chaumet or ...

Jinjo Crew

Breakdance: The Movement Where K-pop and Hip Hop Collide

Seoulbeats • 26 December 2017

Breakdance was first founded in the 1970s by young African-American and Puerto Rican dancers at the Bronx parties held by DJ Kool Herc, one of hip hop’s founding fathers. As DJs lengthened the break beats on records, dancers began to experiment, drawing influence in equal part from James Brown ...

Bora. Credit Dazed Korea

For Your Viewing Pleasure:

Crafting Cohesion

   Seoulbeats • 16 April 2019

Each and every pictorial is greater than the sum of its parts. In the best snapshots, the clothes, colour scheme, beauty and backdrop unite to form the perfect picture. From the way Minho‘s black-and-white striped tee complements the monochrome beams of his cosy loft set ...

Epik High. Credit_Wikimedia.

Side B: Epik High, Forever Following the Flow

Seoulbeats • 11 October 2018

This time last year, Epik High was gearing up to drop their much anticipated album We’ve Done Something Wonderful. Now just shy of their 15 year anniversary, the trio has parted ways with YG Entertainment, leaving the future of the group – and their ever-shifting sound – in question ...

Lisa. Credit_W Korea

For Your Viewing Pleasure: Welcoming Winter

Seoulbeats • 30 October 2018

The leaves are falling, frost is crunching underfoot – and as winter paints the world in icy hues, our favourite celebrities wrap up to greet the new season, opting for loose-fitting, comfy knit pieces. While The Rose and Jeon Ji Hyun wear classic, cool tones to blend in on crisp days ...

Ha Sung-woon. Credit_Star Crew Entertainment.

Ha Sung-woon on Cooking, Live Concerts, and Chasing His Solo Sound

 Seoulbeats • 10 December 2021

When asked to describe his discography, Ha Sung-woon is humble. “I think I’m in the process of finding my unique colour,” he confesses. “I still have a long way to go as an artist.” His sixth mini album Electrified: Urban Nostalgia is a new stepping stone on that path ...

Up10tion. Credit_TOP Media

Up10tion Are Ready to Light Up the Stage Together

    Seoulbeats • 7 July 2021

“A new life. The turning point of life. Happiness.” These are three phrases the members of Up10tion voice to encapsulate their career as idols – yet Kogyeol, Gyujin and Sunyoul could just as deftly be defining the concept of the group’s second studio album, Connection ...

Donghun of A.C.E. Credit_Beat Interactive

For Your Viewing Pleasure: Drenched in Light

    Seoulbeats • 15 June 2021

The interplay of light and shade within an image can evoke a spectrum of ideas and moods. The contrast between the neon colours and deep shadows in Mino’s shoot for Dazed forms an intriguingly futuristic visual, whereas the dappled sunshine that washes across actor Seo In-guk’s pictorial ...

Taeyeon. Credit_ Pabian via Wikimedia Co

Side B: Taeyeon's Vocal Colours Burn Bright

Seoulbeats • 8 November 2019

Taeyeon has long been recognised as a gifted singer. As the main vocalist and leader of Girls Generation, she showcased her light, airy tone and wide vocal range on ballads such as “Complete” and “Back Hug”. Alongside her success ...

Jung So-min. Credit_Grazia

For Your Viewing Pleasure: All That Glitters

   Seoulbeats • 18 June 2019

Whether it’s going all out in statement earrings or adding a pop of colour via a cute shoulder bag, accessories always add that little something to make an outfit stand out. From the layered pearls that give YoonA’s all-white look an extra edge to the aquamarine earrings ...

BTS at the 31st Golden Disk Awards

When the World Reacts: How BTS, JREKML, and BgA are Taking K-pop Worldwide

Seoulbeats • 10 October 2017

The internet gives us the autonomy to curate our own entertainment, and while this has enabled K-pop to build a global fanbase with immense clout on social media, this distance often makes it difficult for fans to find like-minded people. Thus, the reaction video has become a way for K-pop fans to reach ...

Umji GFriend Credit Cosmopolitan

For Your Viewing Pleasure: Looking Sharp

Seoulbeats • 26 March 2019

The suit has been a classy staple for decades – yet the ensembles in these photos diverge from the traditional, transforming suits into something different and daring. Actress Park Min-Young and GFriend’s Umji rock bold block shades of scarlet and orange, while Seventeen’s DK and Vernon ...

GOT7 'Lullaby'. Credit_JYP Entertainment

Got7 Find Their Groove in "Lullaby"

 Seoulbeats • 24 September 2018

Got7 first arrived on the K-pop scene in 2014 as a scrappy band of boys next door. Since then, they’ve moved on from the stunt-heavy performances of “A” and ridden the angst and hip-hop stylings of “If You Do” and “Hard Carry” designed to ...

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