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  Exeposé is the University of Exeter's independent student newspaper, reporting the latest news and features to engage the local community.




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Sunset at Sentosa

The Truth Behind the Travel Insta 

          Exeposé • 26 October 2017

Last June I filled my suitcase with a summer’s worth of denim shorts and sun cream, bid a heartfelt farewell to my savings and hopped on a plane to Asia. There are hundreds of Exeter students who jet off on their year abroad, yet few seem to have heard of the summer programme opportunities ...

Apartment Building

Houses vs. Private Halls

         Exeposé • 30 October 2016

I’m now in my third year at Exeter, and in my time here, I like to think I’ve gained some wisdom about student life. I know where to go for a kebab after a night out, and have mastered the fine art of submitting an essay on BART at approximately an hour before the due date, almost every time. I’ve also twice survived the first term rush to secure housing ...

Gandy Street Exeter. Credit Alison Day v

The Best of Exe

           Exeposé • 16 June 2017

So exams are over, your student loan has run dry and the Forum’s eerily empty. It’s the end of another year at Exeter, and whether you’re a Fresher who can’t wait to head home so your mum can wash all your socks, or a soon-to-be grad enjoying your last few weeks of freedom before you begin adulting ...


Breaking Borders – The Other Side of Exetah

    Her Campus • 11 October 2017

Exeter might be best known as the home of avocado toast and students toting Snow Sports stash, fresh from the slopes of Whistler to read Classics and ride their ponies across Dartmoor. But it’s also home to Just4Funk, the biggest breakdance crew in the Southwest ...

Cliff Hiking

6 Skills You’ll Master On Study Abroad

    Her Campus • 14 October 2017

Your exchange university may be a vast unknown land in comparison to quaint little Exe. So getting lost is inevitable. When Google Maps is on infinite buffer mode and your Egyptology lecture is somewhere in the mist beyond the botanical society’s allotments ...

Networking Event

6 Reasons Why It's Okay Not to Know What You Want to Do

     Her Campus • 18 February 2018

When final year finally comes, every student is faced with the same mind-boggling conundrums. To apply for ten grad schemes or dedicate your time to actually reading all the set texts and pull off that first? To save up for a year of backpacking around Australia or accept the inevitability that you will blow all your cash ... 

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